cracked granite counter top in kitchen

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Surprised to see cracked granite when tenant reported it . do you think it can happen as part of wear and tear ? 

posting pic . I am in dilemma whether to deduct from  tenant's deposit  now that he is moving out .

That's a little more than a "crack".  Was there any damage in this area when the tenant moved in?  That looks like someone dropped something or smacked the edge and knocked a chunk out of it.  If they still have the chunk, it can be glued back in.  Is that a smooth vertical edge to the right?  It almost looks like the edge is a separate piece that was glued to the main part of the counter top.  Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like there was a joint in the edge and that end of the left section of the edge may not have been very well glued on at its right end.  So a blow that normally wouldn't have been a problem knocked the loose end of the edge off.

If a tenant damaged a counter top, I'd charge them.  However, it looks like this might have been a latent defect in the counter top that made it susceptible to damage.  If you think that's the case, i would not charge them.  Assuming the missing piece is still available a granite person should be able to fix this.

I agree with Jon's comment. I'd get a granite guy in there to look at it and get his opinion.

@Sid N. I would definitely be deducting that from their deposit.  

Definitely not normal wear and tear.  I would ask what happened and deduct.  The granite will likely be more than the deposit.

If you have the broken off piece, this is repairable.  If they threw that away then I would charge them becuase there's little choice but to replace the entire counter top.

Thank you guys for the tips 

I can see a little bit of the cabinets underneath and I'm guess these were not clean tenants. I would even guess they were bad tenants in more ways than one. Am I right?

Breaking granite is not easy so this is clearly abuse. Charge them the full cost of repair, period.

The thinner granite countertops have a thicker edge fabricated onto the front to make it look like a thicker slab. It should be repairable. I would charge them.

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