state-specific rental contracts

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Does anyone know where on the site the state-specific rental contracts are located? I have heard them mentioning them for several months on the podcast, and I believe I heard in a recent episode that the project of having one for each state is almost complete, but I can't seem to find them... Thanks!

Answered my own question/generated a follow-up question:

They're located under tools > fileplace > contracts (

However, I can't find any way to search within the documents, they seem to be in chronological order, and I can't find a way to reorder to alphabetical, topical, etc. so it seems you have to just scroll through all fifteen pages of random documents looking for what you want: does anyone know of a better way to navigate the state-specific lease agreements?

PPS: There is a search function on the FilePlace page (not the contract sub page) and searching for "lease" or "agreement" produces a number of state-specific results. Unfortunately I'm not finding a general lease for Illinois or Missouri, and "Connecticut" only produces an image that offers 7 documents for $99 but no instructions on how to purchase it...