Electric range or countertop for small rental?

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Hi, first post here! Buying a house with a basement that I will be renting out. It's all completely renovated, but there is just a wet bar in the basement due to the builder not wanting to go through the process of obtaining a certificate of occupancy. I'm trying to decide on installing a small (24") electric range, vs a countertop stove or induction. How important is it to have that oven vs drawers?

@Sam Cha - Who do you plan to rent the basement out to? Are they AirBnb guests or full time renters? If AirBnb guests, a small countertop stove would probably be fine. But if you are looking for something more permanent, I would definitely recommend the electric range. 

Make sure there is proper ventilation in the basement! You don't want it smelling like fish or whatever else other people cook. 

@Craig Curelop Was debating this for a bit. D.C. is a great city for airbnb, but ultimately I've decided I don't have the time for airbnb. So looking for a full-time renter. When I said countertop stove though, I meant a permanent fixture, not a hotplate, not sure if that makes a difference in your mind? Thanks for the tip on ventilation. The basement is not very "basement" like...ie some windows, open space. Do you think I would need a hood over an electric range though? Thanks!

Got ya. If you are renting it out full time, I would think that having an oven is almost a necessity then. 

If there are a lot of windows, it's not 100% necessary. But many tenants do not think to open the window when they are cooking. Especially if it's super hot or super cold out. 

I don't think they are too expensive. I personally think they are worth it. I am getting one installed in a few weeks in a property that I am purchasing. I'm sure there will be some people that think differently though.