Bought house with tenant - now he won’t pay... HELP.

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Long story short:

I’m a newb who bought a home that had a tenant in it. Told him months ago I was buying the place, all was well, he has good credit and rental history. Now the guy isn’t paying, but I know he’s still there, as the property is right next to my family. Very confused on what to do. I was planning to move in the home in a month. I don’t want to chase him out right before I move in, as he could destroy the place. If he would pay just this one month, I’d be fine. Very confused what to do...

Start the eviction process by serving pay or quit notice. You have already lost 1/2 a month. Act immediately.

Never operate a business out of fear. It is very rare that tenants do damage when faced with a pay or quit/eviction.

Evict him, IMMEDIATELY!! You should have started that process on the 5th day of non-payment. Have your family camp out in the yard until he leaves. Have them schedule "repairs" every couple of days to make sure he's not doing anything to the property. Even if he decides he wants to pay don't let him. Get a judgment and have that entered on his credit report.

Also, how do you know he has good credit? Did you run a credit report and rental history?

@Chandler, you create the notice yourself. Google quit or pay notice for your city to get the correct language. Hand it to him personally and take a picture of you handing it to him. Ideally get him to sign it. I've done that before. After 5 days, go file an eviction at the courthouse. Make SURE you let 5 days pass before doing this. Ideally you want to get your money, so if he happens to pay, then give a 30/60 day notice to terminate. If he cares about his credit he won't go through all that trouble.

If you've never done an eviction I recommend finding an attorney who specializes in this.  The process can be tricky and one mistake and you're back to the start.  IDK if you can get him out in a month.  

You have to follow the law, even on a verbal agreement. I suspect the tenant plans to move out and thinks he can get away without paying last month's rent. This is particularly common when tenants have a security deposit and they want you to use that for rent (don't do it).

Start the eviction process as soon as possible. If the moves out, you can always stop the process.