Water leak + pit bull

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Overnight the ceiling in the main floor bathroom of our four plex collapsed due to a water leak. We tried to enter the unit above to shut off water and there’s an angry pit bull inside. Lease says no pets. Can’t get ahold of tenant. What do we do now? State - Iowa.

I’d probably call animal control. They should be able to handle the dog and then you can enter the apartment and shut the water off. In the meantime, I would shut the water off to the whole building until you can get in and shut off just the apartment with the leak. If it continues to leak, you’re going to have a lot of damage to fix.

For the time being, can’t you shut the water off from outside the property at the main? 

It’d be a temporary inconvenience for the other tenants, but you don’t want to allow water to run. 

Going forward, you’ll need to issue the tenant a notice of lease violation for the dog. 

Can you shut off the water from outside the unit?  For the entire building, if need be.

For an emergency you can usually enter a unit without notice.

honestly afterwards I would kick that 2nd floor tenant out as quick as possible. Leak from their unit for god knows how long, isn't responsive, housing an angry dog that isn't supposed to be on the lease...