Tree touching my roof

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Hello BP Folks,

I just found out that the big tree branches have started touching the roof of my apt building complex. The tree lies in the property of another building. Who is suppose to cut the branches? Me or the neighbour where the tree belongs to? Since the tree is in his property, isn't he responsible for trimming it and making sure that it does not harm other property? 

The neighbour called me and told me that i have permission to cut down the tree but I do not want to pay the $$ for it. Usually cutting trees are expensive and should not it be his responsibilities to do it?



Where I am it is you

Your laws may be different

So from now on when a tree branch first starts to come across your property I would notify the owner you are going to trim it off and do it 

Doesn’t sound like you need to “cut down the tree”. Just trim the branch that is hanging over the property line and touching your roof. You don’t need his permission to do that. 

In my city, we are allowed to trim any branches intruding on our space. It it's actually touching your building and could potentially cause damage, the other owner should pay for it but I don't know if you can actually force them to do it.

Call your City and ask for guidance.

I run a tree service. You are responsible for trimming limbs back from your property. The only time it is  the tree-owner's responsibility is if it is dead tree and limbs are breaking/falling creating a hazard.

Same if a tree falls. When it falls, which ever property it lands on is the new owner of that tree or limb. Regardless of where it originated from.

Another thing to consider is some (most?) insurance companies will not start an insurance policy if tree branches are contacting the roof of your property.  You should have the branches cut (at the property line) ASAP.  Don't wait and bicker with the other property owner.