Does new occupied multi need new locks?

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Hello all,

   I did a quick search for this and didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  Just closed on a 3 family that is fully occupied with tenants that have not expressed any desire to leave.  Is it recommended to change all the locks even though there is no turnover?  We will definitely be changing common access locks, basement with laundry and storage area, just in case an old tenant kept a copy.  

    Just looking for the more experienced opinions out there if they would change the locks on a new fully occupied purchase or wait until tenant turnover.

Thanks for the help!

Given the size of your property, I think it would be easy for you to determine that you have a master key to all units. As long as all tenants are staying in place, I do not see the point in rekeying. If this were a large property, my answer might be completely different. 

@Fabio A Becker what we do is get a master key and buy rekeyable locks. Each tenant gets their individual key and the key to common areas. The key should have a number on it, this number determines the pin layout in lock. we record the number and keep them available so its easier to make copy if need be instead of going there getting key then leaving again. oh congrats on deal

@Kathy Johnson, the previous owner self managed with the help of one of the tenents who did the yard work. We plan to keep this system in place. 

@Chris Sukala that def sounds like a good system you have in place. So it sounds like you do this upon acquisition of a new multi family even if the tenents are not leaving?

@Fabio A Becker yes everytime we buy a new property, we accquired a duplex 2 years ago and there was 2 doors per unit and common areas was garage and main entrance. we got a key ring full of keys. Why. now i have one key for all and they only have 2 good luck