Truck Driver going through divorce as tenant?

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Would you rent a unit to a truck driver with 3x rent income but has a collection and missed some payment for his student loan and is going through a divorce?

No, in my market I can find much more qualified/less risky tenants. Every market is different.

does he meet your standard rental criteria? 

what's makes you think he's not a good candidate?

other than a divorce, does his life show stability?

how does he compare to your other applicants?

My unit has been on the market for 2 months and I had to reduce rent, the area doesn't really get high qualified tenants unfortunately. He barely meets the criteria. I'm concerned if the divorce would affect his financial ability to pay rent. Is it legal to ask about his divorce affecting his finance?

Because of the Fair Housing Act (and the fact that he meets your rental criteria), it could be considered discrimination if you rejected him due to concerns about his personal life. I would advise against asking him how the divorce is affecting his finances. Rather, I would ask a general question like "can you pay move-in costs upon signing a lease?"  to gage what his finances are looking like. 

If he "barely meets the criteria" and is in the midst of a divorce, I wouldn't touch it. Someone that travels for a living has no qualms about moving, particularly when running from an ex.