First Phone Call Interview w/ Prospective Tenants

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Hello BP,

Hope all is well and prospering!

Straight to the point. I will be making a few phone calls to prospective tenants with who are interested in my room for rent. I downloaded the tenant screening interview document that I found in the BiggerPockets File Place. My question is:

Should I go that in depth to where I should ask every question?


What questions should I ask at a minimum when interviewing perspective renters with whom I will be sharing the household with?

Any insight is helpful. Thank you in advance!!

Hi Devante!

You don't necessarily go quite as in depth as the document you downloaded, although it may give you a better overall picture of who you are renting to. At a minimum I would ask these questions: 

"When are you looking to move?"

"Do you have any pets?"

"Will you be able to pass a background & credit check?"

"Why are you leaving your current residence?"

"Have you ever been evicted?"

"What is your monthly income?"

"Will you be able to provide references from former landlords and your employer?"

Hope this helps! 

@Katie Stewart I appreciate the reply! The call went well and I asked most of those questions. Did not think about the pets or references. The prospective tenant is coming for a showing on Saturday so I can throw those in during conversation. Thank you again!

I don't even bother with that stuff... I have a webpage (you can even use a Google Doc) that I text or email any prospective tenant. The webpage answers every question that people generally ask about the property. It also informs them of the date & time of my next group showing (open house). If they're unavailable for one of the group showings and need a private showing, I send them a Google Form where I ask all of those pre-screening questions. If all looks well, then I'll set up a private showing.

I find that when I do it this way, I minimize wasted time. 

@Cameron Norfleet nailed it! Stop wasting your time answering repetitive questions or arguing your policies. Get  a free web site, point them to it, and let them read your policies and screen themselves.

Concerning pet screening : I have heard it said millenials often lie if they have a pet thinking they will sneak it in someway . It’s best to ask “ how many pets “or “how many dogs do you have “ is a better question because it makes them answer differently and brings the truth out allowing you to mark them off the list right away