I own five units in Cleveland, 2 duplexes and one SFR, but none have Section 8. It's not from a lack of trying.

I contacted the CMHA in Cleveland upon closing my first duplex out there because the units were vacant and told them I have a property I want to rent out to tenants on Section 8. 

I got absolutely no response. 

I then contacted a PM that (reluctantly) said they have done it on occasion as far as working with Section 8 tenants. We very quickly found prospective tenants on GoSection8. After doing the same kind of screening that I do out here in the Bay Area (No Smokers, No Pets, No Felonies, No Evictions) we still had many people that wanted the units. My PM had his guy go to the Housing Authority to sign the paperwork with the prospective tenants as well. My PM says Section 8 never called or emailed back to set up an inspection either time. 

Naturally, the tenants with the vouchers got tired of waiting, and then they eventually moved on with their lives.

I also own 2 units in the SF Bay Area and BOTH are occupied by Section 8 tenants that I placed there. I actually purposely sought out tenants with Housing Vouchers here in the Bay Area because it's essentially guaranteed income and "knock on wood" I screened them rather thoroughly. They've been in place for 2 years out here. 

In July I anticipate trying again to place a Section 8 tenant in the property, but my PM started to make it pretty clear they don't "like" the time it takes to deal with inspections, having "his guy" go over to the CMHA office, etc.

My thought is that it is time to find another PM for that property. It's a Duplex.....3/1 in each unit in Slavic Village in the 44105 Zip Code.

Can anyone refer me to a Property Manager that is open to working with CMHA and placing Section 8 tenants?