Handling a difficult tenant - Missouri

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I have a tenant which is been evicted. The legal process is taking some time with court date of July 11. At the mean time she is causing nuisance and causing problems with other tenants (saying stuffs, throwing trash, damaging their properties etc). Other tenants are threatening to get out of their leases if she is still there. Anything I as landlord can do to expedite the eviction process or any other alternatives? She has already had some damages in the unit and will do more and most likely won't pay for any of those. She is Sec 8 tenant. 

Appreciate any insights into how to handle this situation.


@Ram Wagle I would call and talk to the Magistrate or place you filed the eviction and explain the problem and see what they say.

I would let the Section 8 office know what is going on. I doubt if they can help any though.

If she is damaging property call the police.

Tell tenants to call police anytime there is domestic disturbances or she is damaging property. With any luck , someone will get a restraining order against her or she will do something stupid and end up in jail.

You could offer her cash for keys and tell her that you will drop the eviction if she moves out immediately and leaves the place clean. If she has an eviction she won’t be able to apply for Section 8 again so offer her a graceful way out. 

Call her handlers at the welfare office and apply pressure. With luck you can get her benefits terminated sooner rather than later. This will be your ultimate reward.

You are correct that you can not collect from welfare tenants. Keep moving forward to achieve a higher goal.

Make sure all your other tenants are aware that you are evicting and that the problems will be temporary. 

Do not under any circumstances place your eviction at risk at this point by offering cash for keys. Rewarding bad behaviour will backfire every time. You will get rid of her and she will ultimately pay the price. Hang in.

In th efuture when screening you should be screening not only for ability to pay but also ability to collect when they stop paying. Avoid renting to S8, they do not qualify..

1. Report her behavior to Section 8.

2. Notify the other tenants to call the police any time she is causing a disturbance or if they suspect her of damaging property (yours or theirs).

3. Notify the other tenants that you are removing her as quickly as the law allows. They cannot move out without violating the terms of their lease and will be held accountable if they take that action.

updates here:

1. I have already reported to sec 8. They are cancelling the payment to her starting - July 31. The court date is July 11 and my hope is to kick her out after a week of July 11

2. She is bad - she wouldn't listen and its impossible to have a decent human conversation to her. Her kids already damaged some other tenant's car and there were cops called. That still didn't change her behavior. 

3. I have been telling telling other tenants that we are evicting her and honestly this takes time and they are losing patience. 

Should i advice other tenants to call police everything she cause some trouble? I am concerned about the entire property be under nuisance. Please advise on how can I control this situation. This has been a pain since day 1 - I acquired this property and this is tenant the previous owner had (without having any due diligence). She already has 3 eviction to her name. 


Sounds like you have a real nutcase on your hands . Sorry this is happening to you ! There is no law saying you have to be kind and sweet to her ! It sounds like you are the timid type and that does not play out well in these scenarios . You might need someone to come into the situation who is more aggressive and persuasive to get her packing . I would have a hard time restraining myself if I was in your shoes .