What do you like about being a landlord?

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This discussion thread occurred to me this morning, as I'm curious to see what other people have to say.

For me, I realized today that one of the things I like about being a landlord is not having to put up with any BS any longer than I want to. Case in point: when I have difficult tenants, and their lease is up, I can send them packing. It's the landlord's equivalent of "You're fired". I enjoy the fact that I can fire difficult tenants and re-hire nicer tenants, all at my heart's choosing, and I can say "You know what? I'd rather let this place go vacant for a month than to put up with one more month of your crap". 

So, what do you like about being a landlord? 

@JD Martin I also like being in charge to do as I see fit as you mentioned. I really like the near passive cash flow and financial security they provide.

The ability to make a positive difference in my community by striving to provide clean, safe, affordable, comfortable and quiet housing for responsible renters.

There is a severe housing crisis in many parts of the country. We can be part of the solution!

I have a mix of things. I really enjoy repositioning a unit and being rewarded for it. 

But really I would say I love how it has filled me with such gratitude. I pinch myself on a regular basis :)

@JD Martin

The thought of passing my properties down to my kids so they have a steady stream of rental income as they’re getting started in their careers and family lives.  I have about 100 other reasons, but I always come back to that one.

By far the best part of being a landlord is collecting rent. Everything beyond that and providing clean safe housing is just making something philosophical that shouldn’t be.

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