How to manage all your Keys

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Hi Everyone,

I have 7 units that I own and manage myself. This means I have 7 sets of keys for these properties along with my personal keys and vehicle keys. I like to carry the keys with me at all times in case I find myself needing to go to one of my properties for a repair etc. I bought one of those swiss army knife looking key holders but it isn't great because the keys tend to come unfolded from the case on their own. Does anyone have a useful tool to carry around keys that isn't just a standard key ring? I'd rather try keeping them with me at all times rather than just keeping a set in my car as I sometimes uber places or take public transportation and am not near my car at all times. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


I second what Russel suggested. You can find out more on these via a search on Google and read up on the various company websites.

@Andrew DaSilva I have thought about installing these in the past but decided against it because I didn't want the tenant to have the ability to change the password on me. Is that something that you can prevent them from doing with the keypads you utilize?

The easiest option is to keep a lockbox in an unobtrusive place on the property.  You can share it with trusted contractors and easily change the code. The Kidde Access Point is the best.

Electronic locks are great, but you'll always want a spare in case the battery dies. There's a master code and it's easy enough to create long term codes you can give to tenants. 

@Joe Garramone When it comes to keeping the tenant from changing the codes i do two different things. Fist  I use electronic locks with Keys and keep one copy of the unit key offsite. Secondly i always program the lock for the tenant, so they do not know my programming code.