Setting up a Pay Rent page with Wix?

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Hello All, 

I've got a wix website setup but I would love to setup a way for my tenants to pay rent through it. I've followed a google help to setup a wix hotels to handle it for now but it just doesn't look right, it shows bookings and is super confusing for tenants. Anyone setup monthly rentals on a wix website yet?  

thanks in advance

Wow! I never though on using Wix as the payment platform... I am using Rentigo but since I am changing tenants in another property I want to try another one. I am not a fan of Rentigo.. 

So I’ve gone around in circles a few times and I’ve decided I will likely set up rent payments through Cozy or the like and provide a link on my website. The only way I could figure out monthly payments through the website was with PayPal which neither offers ACH nor the client paying the processing fee. Other than that, I’m at a loss for making it work.