Short-term tenant moving in w/ pets. Should I replace the Floors?

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The rental property I will be closing on this month has floors that don't look great, but are not terrible. It is the type of laminate that is made of particle board. The edges of some of the planks appear to be "puffy" and there are one or two gaps that stick out. I want to replace the floors, but I have a  qualified tenant who owes a dog that is interested in the place. I've been contemplating on whether I should hold off on the new floors while they live there for a year or just get it done with the painting and patching that it needs. 

On a side note, the electric stove works well, but has a crack in the glass where one of the burners are. Is that a replacement I must absolutely make?

If the new tenant is ok with the floors then keep them and replace them after they move. No reason to risk ruining a new floor if you dont have to

If you going with another laminate or vinyl plank flooring you won't have to worry about dog scratching them.  I have both products in my personal house and a 130 pound dog that runs around like a puppy so have a fairly good test subject.  I would rather just replace now and be done with it so be quicker to get back on market later.  

As for cooktop I would replace stove.  Neighbor of ours broke his just a matter of time until gets worse and falls in.  Again the easier to do now thought process.  You know it will end up breaking on some major holiday and since was already cracked it will become your issue.  Put new in then add to lease that appliances provided in good working order and tenants responsibility.  One less problem to deal with 

Keep the flooring and replace it after this tenant leaves.

The cook top does not need to be replaced but it can detract from the overall quality of the home. I recommend replacing it with a standard coil-top if you can afford it.