Bug/Pest control for short-term rentals

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Hi there,

We recently bought a 24-unit building in Florida that rents to guests by the week.  As you can imagine, some guests are cleaner than others and as a result we sometimes have issues with bugs.

In the past the property manager has set off a fogger after each person leaves, but honestly that's something I'd like to try to avoid doing as much as possible. I'd prefer to not poison our guests if we can get away with it lol.

I think we have our options for bedding sorted out (bed and pillow covers) but are looking for options besides fogging for the room in general.

Does anybody have experience with this?  If so, it would be great to hear your thoughts!


This is tough Terminix offers a pest control service to take care of things like this but it is quite expensive and didn't  do much in my opinion at least not for a long term rental.

I’d say the property manager isn’t adequately cleaning in between tenants.  If tenants are only staying for a week each, it’s unlikely they are getting the place filthy enough in one week to bring in pests.