Typical rates & fees for property management?

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I am wondering, what are other investors seeing property management charge for lease renewals and new-tenant placement?  From the people I've spoken to (in Atlanta, GA) Tenant placement seems to be a charge equal to 1 month rent, where lease renewal is anywhere from 1 month rent to no renewal fee.  Just trying to get an idea of what to expect when hiring a new manager.


8-10 percent monthly gross rent fee, 1-200 dollar renewal and one month rent for placement

About half to 1 mo placement (4.15 - 8.3% of gross annual rent), 8-10% gross monthly rent for management, none to 1 month for renewal (0 -8.3% gross annual rent).

So anywhere from 26.6% to 12.15% of gross rent. Shop around but duediligence and consider building your own team if that meets your needs.

And as far as terms how long do you usually see?  I was thinking no term just 2 months to cancel?