immediate possession of a unit

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Help. I need advice on taking immediate possession of a section 8 unit.

I closed on a property yesterday where there is a problem unit (putting it mildly). I had walked every unit during inspection so I was aware of issues. The extent of the issues was not realized due to the inability to see everything in the unit for reasons listed below. 

Briefly, the unit is the dirtiest I've ever seen. Think hoarders with food lying around and resulting large scale roach infestation. In addition there is unit neglect, extensive drywall damage, missing fixtures ect. I can only imagine there was some sort of payoff during the last inspection because I've failed inspections for minimally chipped paint.  Anyway, the plan had been to give the 30 day notice (they are month to month) and then do the extensive remodel/repair.

Today when making the rounds to give the notice I see in the 20 days since inspection the ceiling has caved in due to active leak in one room, the AC is actively leaking water with what appears to be tampering of the AC unit, mold on another part of the ceiling and a possible additional leak (can't tell if is a leak or their large freezer is defrosting as there is too much stuff blocking access). 

My contractor won't fix anything with their stuff in the unit. He wants to cut the water, clear the unit and then proceed. I agree with his plan. The problem is HANO (our section 8) is saying we have to honor the 30 day notice and can't take immediate possession. Is there a way to get immediate possession of a unit if there is a health risk? 

i would suggest to contact the case worker because the unit is not meet the requirement of HUD, it's not in a livable condition. let the case worker work for you.

Bring in the tenants welfare handler. Cash for keys will backfire on you and extend the problem much farther than a eviction. In addition cash for keys will only dump this problem on some other unsuspecting landlord. You must evict this tenant.

Go in and find the source of the water leak and cut it off immediately.