Tenant Screening Ohio

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Hello Everyone!

What is everyone doing to screen tenants for apartment complexes? Its in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Anything other than criminal background checks, credit checks, eviction and court records, employment history and rental histories. 

Thank you!

I check my tenant's social media first after our initial phone interview.  I ask for prospective tenant's full name during our phone interview, reason why is, some people use their middle name on their social media accounts.  As soon as we hang up I check all their social media accounts.  I've only had a handful of instances where the prospective tenant either doesn't have social media or I simply couldn't find their accounts.  Once you see their photos you'll get a solid glimpse into what type of lifestyle they live aka how they'll treat your rental.  When I see photos of the prospective tenant traveling all over on their Instagram and they meet all of my other criteria, you have hit the tenant jackpot.  They are paying you rent and not even living in the rental half the time.   Best of luck.   

As Craig said, I would check out the person's social media accounts and look for red flags. In addition, after meeting up with a prospective tenant walk them to their car. The condition of the car can give you some insight into how the person treats their personal property (and how they might treat your property).

@Kevin Waymire I use cozy.co for background checks, eviction checks, reference contacts, credit checks. I make them provide a copy of a valid drivers license or ID, I get copies of paystubs, then I confirm those same figures with the employer reference. The best part of using Cozy.co is that after I approve an application, I can immediately set up their rent payments online, it is direct deposited and free to use. 

@Kevin Waymire  

With cozy, they charge the applicant $40 for the credit, and background check. I have heard of some landlords crediting this back if they are accepted, but I have not done that, and so far no serious tenant applicant has complained about the cost.