Prospective tenant w/ large aquarium-opinions?

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Happy Thursday, BP Nation!

The lease on my small rental property in Northern Virginia is about to be up and my property management company is screening new tenants. They sent me one that is otherwise qualified, but has a 200 gallon saltwater aquarium weighing approximately 1750lbs. The pro, according to the property management company, is that moving such a beast is a huge pain so they may be willing to stay for a while. The cons are fairly obvious, including crushing most flooring (this property has tile in the kitchen & bathroom and laminate flooring everywhere else).


Crushing the flooring ? Um ...Wait till it cracks and breaks then flooring will be the last of your problems ! Why would you even consider such a tenant ? HARD pass ....nnneexxxt

The floor would most likely need to be reinforced wherever the tank is going to be, which could be fairly easy/inexpensive if there’s a full basement. However, if that tank leaks or breaks, there’s going to be some serious water damage. I find fish tanks to be pretty cool, but would never have one myself of any size. I would probably pass as well.

Point taken. Already told the management company no. However, in the interest of comedic value, feel free to finish this sentence:

“I would rather ________ than allow a tenant with a 1750 lb aquarium...”

Assuming my math is correct, I came up with about 104 pounds per sq ft. From what I can tell, most houses are designed for 40 lbs/sqft. I think he's a bit over unless your floor is a concrete slab.

For what it's worth - my dumb question made it into The Fire Round this week! Thanks @jesse mccue for the succinct response.