Owning small property in Yonkers, NY

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Hi Everyone,

I bought my first rental property in Yonkers, NY. I’m still trying to figure out how everything works. My property is small (a triplex) so it has been hard to find people willing to perform certain minor work on the building for a reasonable price (I keep hearing it isn’t worth their time to come just do that). My management company has run into the same problem for certain task like sweeping halls or maintaining the yard.

Looking to hear advice from investors and people who know yonkers to learn from your experience. Also any thoughts on the area or advice would be great.

Congratulations on the triplex! I'm working toward my first rental now. 

As far maintenance, I think it may be best to get a handyman on board which can do various things on the property on regular basis. I'd say also to hook up with a landscaping company for the yard work. Have them come see what work entails and give you a price. My personal SFH in Yonkers is a 6,000 SF lot and totals $140/month for yard maintenance. I've seen price range from $120 to $175 for similar lots.

I'd love to hear what management you're utilizing and what your experience with them has been. @Marvin Lowenthal  

Congratulations on the rental property!

I have a few vendors that agents in my office or I personally have used before. Please feel free to contact me if you would like.

Sorry to hijack this thread, I posted in the local forum, but I don't think that forum gets much traction. Any recommendations for property management companies in Yonkers? I have a mixed-use 4-unit building: 1 convenience/corner store, 3 residential units. I've been self-managing since we purchased a few months ago, but am now looking for recommendations on hiring an outside company. 


Sorry that I haven’t been checking this. The management company I use is Newgent. They’re ok (pluses and minuses) but I’m only using them for residential.  I don’t know how they’d handle the convenience store.