Home Warranty for Rental

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Any other landlords using home warranties on their single family rental properties? I went ahead and got home warranties to hopefully alleviate some of the cost associated with repairs on my single family homes. I'm just curious if anyone else has used them and if they saw a cost benefit?

I will close this week on my second duplex. Unlike the first one, this one was built in 1927. I am wondering as well if I should get a warranty? The inspection I had done was solid, I am mostly concerned about the sewer and drain systems, are these even covered in the home warranties?  Thanks, Mike

Don’t use but have had in the past. They take an excessive amount of time to do work. They deny just about everything. The copay is typically about what the cost of small jobs cost anyway. They will deny most major jobs and still charge “uncovered “ cost like 80dollars per lb of refrigeration. It just goes on an on. The contractors were marginally non-professional . Go to their Facebook sights and just read all the peoples complaints on almost every single post.