House Hack Plan Foiled?

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Well I had this great plan to house hack my current PR by adding a small Kitchen to the already finished basement creating an ADU.

The end result would be the equivalent of a 2/1 Basement apartment. Not ideal mind you, no windows, only access would be through the garage (although the tenant would also get a garage), the only access I'd have to "my" side of the garage would be through the outside, etc. Like I said not ideal but I felt like it was a great idea. 

So I found out today that because I'm on septic the zoning limitations on my property limit me to 1 Unit for the size of my lot. There is vacant land behind my home but I'd have to purchase about an acre of it before I'd be allowed to officially have a 2nd unit. Probably not worth it unless I got that land dirt cheap, even then would require a new survey, have a new title drawn up, etc. 
Doesn't feel like I'd have a good ROI if I had to do all that, but maybe I would?

That being said my short term goal was to use this as an STR through AirBnB and/or VRBO. I've got the market for it to some extent and I'm pretty confident I could make some good $ on it, at the very least I wouldn't lose anything based on what I'd have to put in.
Guess I'd just have to be careful the county doesn't find out what I'm doing ;) 

Guess we'll see what happens. 

I don't know about your area but in CA having no windows in a unit almost certainly wouldn't meet fire code.  All bedrooms need a window, even if you bought the extra land there might be more rehab involved than you initially thought.  

Don't do illegal things and especially don't post about doing illegal things on a public forum.

@Aaron K. certainly not going to do anything illegal. The windows situation had entered my mind and was I going to look into it for sure. 

Looks like it’s just going to be a guest area for when family comes to visit at this point.