Property Management Software

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@Mel Watt I think appfolio is best although you have to have a lot of units to use it. I use tenantcloud to self manage my rental properties.

@Mel Watt that's too general of a question. How many units do you manage? Are you growing? If so, how quickly do you project to grow? Are you managing for yourself or others?

I could ask 20 different questions before beginning to answer the question. Software should solve a problem. If you haven't identified the problem, how can you possibly find software to solve anything?

Make a list of all your tasks and rank them in the order of which takes the most time and which is the most important. Then look for software that solves those problems for you.

When I first started managing, I needed software that could simplify accounting and track work orders. I tested several programs and settled on Buildium. After two years, I identified a new set of problems, researched software, and determined Propertyware was the best fit for my needs. If I just ran out and grabbed the software someone else used without knowing the reason for needing it, I could have easily grabbed the wrong thing.

Thanks everyone for your input I use Yardi but I was asking for a newbie starting out.  They need something really simple to take their 10 units.  The software needs to help with accounting, deposits, repairs, etc.  It can be really simple.