Heavy smoker smell in duplex unit

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Just bought a duplex and updating one of the units that previously had a heavy smoker. Tried to clean all walls, ceiling, floors, and cabinets with vinegar and even TSP. Bombed the house with odor eliminators and have an air purifier. Unit still smells like cigarettes. Any thoughts on what to do now?

Kilz is a great product!  We also have 2 ozone machines.   If there is any smell from pets, smoking, unique cooking seasonings, we run the ozone machine for about 48 straight.   You can rent them or buy one online.   I makes the whole house smell like an intense cleaning solution was used.   Just open the windows and doors when you are done and air it out.  It really helps with smoke smell. 

Thank you all for the advise, I will try all of these options to get the smell out.  I actually used the Zinsser odor killing primer sealant the other day, and that seemed to help the best so far.  It got rid of the heavy smell, but you can tell there is still some lingering around.