Rent my house and build smaller? Greenville, SC

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Hi guys! New around here and wanted some advice. We have a pretty large lot, .71 acre and are thinking about building a tiny/small house on the back side of our lot and renting our current house(3 bed 2 bath) either through airbnb or traditional tenants. Still waiting to here back from building and zoning if I'm able to do an accessory dwelling or if I need to split the parcel and build a separate single family. 

Any advice? Thanks!



Airbnb's are illegal here in Greenville county. One popped up in my neighborhood and several people in the neighborhood informed code enforcement and they shut them down.

If you and your wife are good with living in a smaller place to pay down your mortgage faster than that seems like a great idea to me.

At some point in the future you could always move back into the main house and rent the smaller unit if you ever wanted to.

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@John Underwood When did AirBnB’s become illegal in Greenville county? It seems there are plenty of them up and running within city limits. Are there different regulations within the city?

 Airbnb has been illegal for some time in the county. Code enforcement doesn't actively go after them. They have to enforce the law if they get a complaint.

There were bachelorette parties and other such things going on in our neighborhood and Ubers dropping people off at the house at 2AM and drunk people yelling in street. The people living next door did not feel safe and complained along with several other neighbors. It was immediately shut down.