Ring Cameras and Rentals

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Hi BP, I have Ring Cameras installed on my property. I tried to look for any laws or privacy regulations on CAR. I have a main house and a granny flat. I would like remote viewing of the property occasionally as I travel a lot of of town and globally. And if an incident occurs, such as stolen packages, I can provide the tenants video of the theft. Not guaranteed of video footage course will be in the disclosure. I’m assuming I will need to provide the tenants a disclosure. Does anyone else have Ring Cameras installed on their property? Do you provide access to your tenants? I would like to protect each tenant’s privacy. Like an apartment building with security cameras. Actually, it’s exactly like that, except a single family home. Thoughts?

Honestly who cares if a tenants package gets stolen.  Why would you even think to get involved it this type of stuff?  Much more important things to focus on.

@Dick Stevens After digging, it is legal for common areas of course. It will help prevent suspicious activities, make sure maintenance is being done properly, protect tenants and property. I just need to include disclosure in the lease. We are not responsible for stolen packages, but if a tenant wanted video footage, we don’t mind supplying it. It shows cooperation from us and gain trust from the tenant.