Bathtub and tile refinishing

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Has anyone had any experience w/ DYI Bathtub and tile refinishing?   Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. 

@Eve Oliver, I typically hire the majority of renovations out.  What are you looking at doing to this bathroom?  I can send you recommendations on who to use.  

I have "painted" tile before. You purchase a special primer and then can use any paint (I have used semi gloss trim paint) over the top. It looks good after, not perfect, but better. One house was a hallway half bath and I sold it so unsure how long it lasts. I also did it in my current primary house, master half bath. To date there have been no issues with damage and it still looks as good one year later. With that said you have a LOT more tile and it extends  into a bathtub space. I would either have it professionally done, or remove and replace in your situation.

I am not doing a DIY but I am currently having one of my unit bathrooms redone. However, I am not replacing the tile I am having it and the bathtub reglazed.  It is scheduled for the end of next week. (Need to finish some other renovations in the unit first.)