Pest Control in rental units

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Do you have any recommendation of pest control companies in Sacramento area? Pest control companies asking for $75/visit every other month. I am first time owner so don't really know what is the norm in here?

Do you recommend doing pest control in rental units internal and external as responsibility of owner or tenant ? My tenant has some issues with cockroaches in his storage space. 

Best, Gary

Our leases have a clause where the owner covers pest control costs for the first 30 days of the lease, after that the cost is on the tenant as they brought them in or the way they are living is attracting pests.

Prior to move-in it is the owner's responsibility. We have tenants sign off that the home is clean and free of bugs on the move in inspection. Once the tenant moves in, pest control is on them. They could have brought the roaches with them. 

@Gary B.

My strongest suggestion for services like this for my clients is to look on Yelp in the Sacramento and Roseville area and call the top 5-10 rated pest control companies.

Everyone is going to have a different service level, schedule, and pricing. It's like hiring for anything else, you have to do some initial interviewing. 

On your lease agreement there should be a paragraph about who is in charge of handling pest control for the property, the tenants or the landlord. (It's boilerplate in the California Association of Realtors contract).