$1,000 repair! Tenants admit to messing with A/C electronic board

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My A/C guy tells me that the electronic board needs to be replaced at a cost of $1,000. That it appears that some wires have been pulled out, disconnected,  severed . The board is located in the attic and about this time last year the tenant admitted to messing with the board when the A/C seemed to malfunction.  I told them not to touch that thing again. It is not covered under warranty.

What would you guys do in this is case?


Updated almost 3 years ago

The price includes parts and labor.

Updated almost 3 years ago

$500 for electronic $1500 evaporator coil

Wait so it's been working for a year since when tenant messed with it?

If so I wouldn't try to charge them as it has been working this whole time.

Also sounds like you need a new AC guy. There is no way my AC would charge that much to put in new control board. A new air handler isn't much more than that.

I do plan to ask them if they messed with it again. 

@Dennis M. I plan to get a second opinion. I've used this a/c guy for about 3 years with no issues.

@John Underwood Yes, tenants haven't mentioned any issues until yesterday.  This price includes parts and labor.

Account Closed, what seems to be wrong with the story? Last year the tenants messed with the board because there was issues with the 1st floor getting air. I replaced the batteries at the controller near the bedroom and it worked. (this was last year)

Thanks to all that have responded.