Maintenance services and companies in Lowell and Fitchburg, MA

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Hi ladies and gentlemen,

   As you may knowI have one property in Lowell, MA and another one in Fitchburg, MA.  It's about 40-50 min to travel between the two towns. I've owned both properties about a year, so I'm still a baby :).  I am in a process trying to have a better way to manage the two properties, so I am working to gather the list of reliable contractors, landscape companies, electrician, HVAC, plumbers, snow plowing, roofing company. So may I ask everyone a big favor who has been managing their properties surrounding Lowell or Fitchburg, MA area to provide me some references of the companies you are having? I really appreciate your guidance, I hope as time passes, I can also give this list to someone like me in the future, as well. 


@Sarann K.

My office is in downtown Leominster and we specialize in working with investors in Northern Worcester County.  We house a brokerage, property management company and construction company to better serve our clients.   I would be happy to share our services and our subcontractors with you.  Reach out anytime.