Best Property Management All-Inclusive Software?

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Hi All,

Looking for recommendations for the best property management all-inclusive software. With my BiggerPockets member perks I can get discounts on Buildium & RentRedi. There are a few other property management tools available but I'm really looking for a one software solution.

Does anyone use AppFolio? It seems like a great option but want to hear what others are using. I am a Realtor so this would be for my own rentals and client rentals. 

Hoping to collect rent, pay owners, automate everything possible.

Thank you all in advance!

Buildium, Rent Manager, Appfolio and Propertyware are the big 4 for professional PMs. All are somewhat expensive but if you are managing for others you need a good software. Some of the less expensive options are good for self managers but as a fiduciary for your clients you need something that can track it all and separate reports by owner. They can all do the stuff you want. They will all do about an hour demo for you. Use the one that you think is easiest to work with.

We currently manage 500 SFR and use Rent MAnager. Great customer service and open API
Appfolio is super easy to use but customer service after set up is terrible. Good luck

If you are looking for all-inclusive, make sure you can reconcile your bank account and track your financials. View your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet by Property.

Do you have a list for what is "all-inclusive" for you?

Gita Faust

THANK YOU @Tracy Streich !
Great feedback. Only problem is the portfolio is too small to justify the software like Rent Manager and Appfolio. Looking at Buildium, Tenant Cloud and Cozy as options. Want all the bells and whistles of the large PM software companies, but has to make fiscal sense as well.

Buildium is a good one.  Not sure how many homes are I. The portfolio but look at it like an employee.  It can do way more than a person with all the bells and whistles and you can’t hire someone for $300 a Month to offset what a great software can do vs an average one.  With that said I don’t think you would be upset with buildium.   They are the real deal

@Travis Shelton I used to use Buildium but just switched over to Appfolio. I couldn’t be happier. It’s a pretty automated system and has more reports then I know what to do with.