Investing Suffolk county ny

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I'm currently looking for my next rental property in Suffolk County NY.  It has been 3 months and it has been very difficult to find any good properties.  If there is a good one it's seems to get taken prior to being able to get an appointment to look at the house.   Is anyone experiencing the same problem now?

Really?  I've looked in Nassau a little but taxes seemed higher and houses were run down.  What towns do you reccomend?  I'm not too familiar with nassua.

@Chris Berry   all the houses are over priced in Nassau with decent SD.  I'm having a hard time finding a deal also.  What towns in Suffolk do you invest in?  I have looked in Greenlawn, Commack and Dix Hills. 

I've had luck in shirley/mastic area.  I have one in shirley and one in mastic.  I have a friend that knows the area very well cause there are bad and good areas, and also need to avoid the flood zones.  The are houses under 200k, with taxes just below 6k.  They rent out for between 2100-2400 depending on 3 or 4 bedroom.