Recommendations for Las Vegas Property Management Companies

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Hi, anyone out there have solid recommendations (or strong warnings) for Las Vegas property management companies?  Please feel free to PM me if you'd rather go private. Thanks in advance.

@Ian Tan

I use key realty in Henderson for 10 properties here in Vegas. Was a recommendation of my realtor 8 years ago and I’ve been a happy camper so far. Ask for Brian hartsell. You can tell him I sent you, there’s no financial benefit to me but I like for people to know they are appreciated. 

@Bill Brandt Thanks for the recommendation. I've seen recommendations for Key Realty before; they must be good if multiple people are giving them the thumbs up. I'll definitely look into them.

Have you heard of any others? Especially ones to avoid?

Hi @Ian Tan , @Phillip Dwyer (who has already replied to this thread) has been managing my SFRs in Las Vegas for the past five years or so, and I definitely recommend him. Check out the recommendation that I wrote on his profile page, and feel free to PM me if it would be helpful to chat about my experience.

I went to high school with Brian Hartsell i have heard many good things. I have also know Phil Dwyer for many years and know he is on point.

If you need a third option we have an in house property mananager at our office i would be happy to introduce you to as well.

Either way best of luck with your properties.