Help Collecting Rent From Tenant Only Using Checking Account

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Hi all, 

Wondering if anyone has any ideas: I have an older gentleman as a tenant who does not use the internet or email. Additionally, I believe he is battling some kind of dementia and he forgets where to send the rent check to in the mail. He is a very nice guy, and has plenty of cash in the bank to pay rent. He asked me if I could help set up an auto debit from his checking account using only his routing and account numbers. Any ideas? Chase bank has an ACH collections service, but I wasn't accepted because I guess they aren't doing it for rent collection any longer... Any ideas are much appreciated! 

Any chance he has the same bank as him?   I know my bank allows automatic transfers of funds without a charge.  Im not sure if it was coming from a different bank.

How about just post dated checks?

I like Joe's idea. Or you can open an account at the tenant's bank and let the tenant transfer the funds into your account. You can then transfer it to your main account. Makes it easy on the tenant and yourself.

To divert from original question since people have already posted; I also recommend asking him for a contact name and number of a close relative or friend. Not for rent collection, but because of his age and possible dementia. If he's willing to let you help with direct deposits of rent, he should be willing to give you a name and number for his well being. Somebody to call if there's any question on his safety.