Reno of unused Attic Space

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I recently purchased a house that had an unused attic. I didn't think much of this until the inspector told me that he had seen people turn attics similar to this into additional brs + bath. I am renting to students who have already expressed interest in filling the additional space with friends. Two homeowners on the street who have liveable attics were nice enough to show me theirs and they looked very similar.

I am wondering what issues I should be aware of when adding beds/baths to an attic area? I am having a builder and a contractor come to see the property next week and am wondering what questions I should ask. From my initial research I have gathered the following:

1. Air Flow - There is a window in the room and I have been advised that an AC unit can be added to this to keep the room cool

2. Support - I will be asking the builder if the floor will be sturdy enough to support everything that comes with a bedroom

3. Access - I have been advised that the staircase and railing leading to the attic will have to meet code and be sturdy enough to support the tenants

4. Space - I have measured the space and it comes a bit north of 500 sq ft. The room has a sloped ceiling that is highest in the middle. However at 6' I am able to stand in the majority of the room space without worrying about hitting my head.

If there are question I am missing I'd love to get some more experienced landlords opinions.

Also, if you have any input on how many bedrooms can be added to roughly 500 sq ft (1 v 2) that would be great.

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If it was attic space then it more than likely wasn’t designed or constructed for habitable floor loading. If it is an older house then nothing probably even got designed and it was grandpa building it with his buddies. If you are going to permit the work then you will probably need to beef up the framing, if not then keep an eye out for cracks in the ceiling. Good luck. 

*Disclaimer- this is not professional advise, hire local professionals, pull all required permits, and tip your bartenders...