Hurricane Florence tenant memos

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This message is a little late, but as I just did mind, a reminder to contact tenants ahead of Hurricane Florence.  My rentals are inland in Columbia, SC, area, but anytime there is a major weather event I send reminder emails to my tenants.   

If you are not sure what to put in the email or whatever form of communication you choose, this is what I say:

  • Be sure you follow all recommendations for the county by local emergency officials.
  • Please remember to bring in all outdoor items ahead of the storm including things like patio furniture and children's toys.
  • Let me know if there is any damage to the property as soon as it is safe to do so.  
  • End with be safe, give my name company name, and cell number as I self manage.

Prayers for those on the coast. 

@Pete M. The hurricane track shifted over night.  It looks like the remnant may go right over Columbia.  There is definitely going to be a lot of rain and possible tropical storm force winds.  I am not too worried personally about the rain as none of my properties flooded during the 2015 flood, but there are a lot of low lying flood prone areas in Columbia.  The biggest risks inland, like Columbia, are flooding and possible tornadoes.  

Make sure your tenants know to take their lawn furniture and other outside items inside.  You would be surprised how many need to be told to do this. I'm from Myrtle Beach originally and have ridden out quite a few storms including Hugo. I evacuated to Dillon years ago for Hurricane Floyd and the hotel across the street did not bring in the pool furniture.  With nothing to do and no power, we made bets on which pool chair would go airborne first.    

Haha, love it.  I suppose one shouldn't laugh at something like betting on which lawn furniture flies away first, but it's always good to find the humor in any situation.  Reminds me of when we hit a big storm during my last cruise... wife and I watched the crew scrambling around to remove all the lounge chairs from the deck before they started sprouting wings.

And thanks for the pointers!  We'll definitely get a message over to them today.