Security camera in rental?

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We are converting our house into a rental property and there is an interior security camera (part of a NEST system) in the main living area Is there any reason I have to remove it when tenants occupy the property?

@Vicki Dungan - I would say yes you should remove it. That is a pretty big invasion of privacy. Outside of that, I would personally never rent a property where there is a camera inside, even if the owner said: "it doesn't work or is turned off". I would want it removed.

Wow. That's creepy. Do you work for the government? In most states, an undisclosed audio or video device placed in the interior (non-common) of a private residence would be illegal and could also result in a civil lawsuit against the landlord. 

Be sure to check with an attorney before you do this, and maybe your conscience. 

You absolutely cannot leave a working camera on the interior of a tenants home. This is felonious, unnecessary, and tyrannical. I assume you don't allow your mortgage broker to leave a camera in your house?

Treat your tenants with the utmost of respect.