HVAC-Ptech vs. split ductless vs. zoned - which do you recommend?

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Hi, I'm in the middle of rehabbing a 4-BR SFR and just discovered that the old AC (which will probably need to be replaced anyway) is not ducted to the upstairs (two) bedrooms. Adding zoned HVAC seems a little exorbitant so I'm debating between a Ptech in each bedroom (hotel-style wall mounted) or a split coil ductless system. Does anybody have any feedback with either and any recommendations?

Than you!

I could. So far there's only one estimate (I'm going to get more). The second HVAC person I spoke with recommended the Ptech - although he would be doing the install. It's standard carpentry from what I know. I'm a little concerned potential renters might be put off by the hotel room style units. Other than that it sounds like they're bullet proof and the cost isn't exorbitant.