Form to keep track of lease date and rent roll?

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I keep track of my rental properties through BP calculator but would like to keep another form of everything such as Lease date and Rent amount. Anyone know of any good things to use for this? or do i make my own spreadsheet for this?

@Joshua D. I keep all this in Excel. I have a tab for each property.

I know the AC filter size, trash day, Magistrate for evictions and their phone number.

I keep track of income and expenses.

I know when leases expire.

Login info for any Section 8 properties.

Deposits and extra money I have received.

It is my one stop location for everything I need to track for each property.

I have a Google drive (free) that I keep info for each property such as leases and pictures.

Or you could invest in actual landlord software.  There are lots of options out there, from low cost to expensive.  They handle everything from tenant  lease generation and tracking,e-signatures, ledger tracking and receipt generation.  On-line applications and payments, etc.  It is crazy to me to try to manage rentals in excel when there are such better options out there.