What Property Management Software do I go with?

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Hey BP - I currently am looking to get a new property management software that will grow with my investing business. I live in a smaller town 1 1/2 hours north of Kansas City, MO and plan to continue managing my own properties (8 front doors) and possibly several others in the near future. I currently am using cozy.co - which has been great, but I think it really is capped at 10-20 properties. Suggestions? 

I can't answer that without knowing specifically what you need but I suspect Buildium would be a good option. I started out using Buildium and it was great until I got to around 150 units and needed something more robust. Buildium is inexpensive, has a lot of nice features, has EXCELLENT customer service, and is easy to learn.

Buildium handles it. You'll need something separate for your business bookkeeping but Buildium handles everything fir the properties you manage.