Zillow Rental Application & Background Check

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Good morning All,

I decided to use Zillow's rental manager because it seems to make the process easier.  I haven't had rentals in about 10 years so it feels all new to me...

I made the application public and I received an application within about an hour.  The checkr background check showed all clear but I did Googled the applicant's name and found out this applicant is felon that was convicted to 15 yrs for violent crimes. 

Can anyone comment on their experience with the Zillow rental app in general and the quality of the checkr background check?

That’s interesting because I just saw that Zillow offers this option now and was considering to use it for my current vacancy. I’ve read on another thread that Cozy works well. I believe it’s $10 more expensive than Zillow, but sounds like it may be worth it. Overall, I like the idea of tenants taking ownership with each option.