Conversion from 2 fam to 3 fam in Newark NJ

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Looking at buying a legal 2 family in North Newark NJ. The property is 3 stories, top 2 are one unit and bottom is a separate. It is set up in a way it could easily be converted to a 3 family. I know by converting it becomes a density issue and will need to get the zoning board involved. The street has multiple 3-4 fam dwellings.  Has anyone done this and how difficult is it to get approvals?

Hey @Eric Panecki ,

I bought a two-family in the ironbound section of Newark over a year ago and went through something similar. The house was in total disrepair and we are currently in the process of knocking it down. 

The house was marketed as a three-family, which we came to find out was not true. In order to get approval to build a new construction three family we had to get multiple variances which also became a lengthy process. 

We were offering no parking so zoning made us conduct a "traffic report" to see if enough parking was offered on street during certain hours and days. 

We ended up getting the variance, but it was not easy to say the least. If you do go forward with the process, make sure you hire a lawyer who is very familiar with the community and zoning board.

Hope this helps. DM me if you have any questions or can help in any way. 

Hi @Eric Panecki I bought one family in North Newark and converted it on a two family. After getting my blueprint ready it was approved in 2 days. I know that converting a 2 family into 3 family the city is requiring for the property owner to provided 3 parking space for the tenants.