I need help with a hoarding tenant in Ontario

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I have a tenant that is supposed to be moving out of his unit, and he isn't.  Today is Oct. 9 & he has already paid first & last months rent at another building for October but hasn't moved out yet. He is a hoarder & hasn't even started to clean anything up or to pack anything yet. There is absolutely no evidence that he has done anything to advance his moving out process.  The boxes I brought him to help him out are still where I left them. 

To complicate things 1) he has no vehicle. So he's telling me that he's got it arranged with a buddy of his to do the move with him. 2) He has a brain injury & goes from being super nice to outright nasty, freaking out on me (when I try to encourage him to get on with his move). He has missed our deadlines & missed his own deadlines with all sorts of excuses. We don't know if they are legitimate or not. 

He's super excited about the new place too. And one of the other tenants there as well. He is actually really looking forward to going to the new place. 

So here's the problem that I need advice for:

He has so much stuff (its all junk: old newspapers, empty water bottles, etc. Lots of recycling that he just keeps in his room) that he is stressed out (he admits that his brain injury has caused him to be a hoarder) & can't deal with it. So I'm looking for suggestions on how to deal with a hoarder tenant. I've even offered my own truck & that I would personally help him move his stuff to the new place, several times (the new place is only a few blocks away). The other day he said he wanted to go through it all to sort it. That's going to take weeks. You can barely walk in the bedroom because there is so much stuff everywhere. How does one deal with a  hoarder? And he has to get out quickly too. He was supposed to be out already by Aug. 31. It's getting way beyond reasonable. I'm waiting on him to get out so I can renovate the unit. 

We called a paralegal today to get some advice. She said, "You want to work very hard on getting him out. There's a huge backlog with the Landlord Tenant Board. You won't even get a hearing date 'til December."

The mental health aspect is making it very tricky.

Help, please.

Start the eviction process. It's sad that he can't figure out his life but it's not your responsibility.