Amazon purchases supplies

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We purchase a lot of everyday purchases like doorknobs, locks, fire alarms, paint brushes. Co2 detector etc at Menards. I feel like our staff are always going to Menards to get more and more and wasting time even when they dont try to. I have found Amazon prime has been an asset for us and I have been buying in bulk and stocking. Anyone else do this and if so share ideas on what are items that you stock at your offices and do you use Amazon?
That's been the one challenge we have about 200 doors. I like to keep track of all my expenses per door so it's been a little challenging but we are putting together an inventory book. For example its costing a little but I am going to keyless door locks now once a property goes vacant. We have a master code, a code for our maint guys hvac, plumbers, etc and then tenant has a code. I buy the locks on my personal Amrican Express so I get my points rewards and when my staff takes a lock we just cut me or American Express a check so i class it to the correct house on Quickbooks.

@Tami R. I love Amazon, my spending last year was in the upper 5-figures. Set yourself up with a business account if you haven't already. That'll allow you to setup sub-accounts that can purchase using your payment methods (and for you to track the spending), request bulk pricing on items, and apply for NET 30 payment terms (this is awesome).

We stock some doorknobs but try to transition all clients to master-key systems. Dual-detectors for sure. Combo lockboxes. Thermostats, thermocouples, the common furnace control board, furnace filters. Toilet internals, wax rings. Office supplies (prices regularly beat quill). The other great thing with amazon is you can setup auto-replenish to send items like paper every x months.

@Tami R. we are working with 9 doors and use the gamut. Mostly the local hardware that gives us 10% discount and a monthly statement. HD because it records our purchases by credit card.

We also use our personal Prime account as well. We spent quite a bit in the last 2 years while renovating. What I love is the fast shipping, consistent stock and ability to download an excel spreadsheet if your purchases. It is my go to for things that are not otherwise in stock locally.