Evictions for big property mangement company

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Is it as big of a pain for property management companies to evict tenants as it is for the self managing Investor? Or do they have different systems in place that make the process more efficient?

@Blaine Alger this is probably a question that is more state specific. Some states, counties and municipalities are tougher to evict in than others. I own a 20 unit in Indiana, and evictions typically take 3-4 weeks, and they can even happen sooner if needed! I also own apartments in the Berwyn area, and the one eviction we did took about 5 months! Our PM in Indiana seems very good at doing evictions, but I suspect this is partially a function of the more business friendly environment. 

@Blaine Alger The process remains the same, however, the bigger companies have more resources at hand and generally have much more experience so they have a more streamlined process. It is also not as big of a pain financially as they have much more capital to work with... evicting 1 of 200 has much less of an impact than evicting 1 of 4. Best of luck!

The process is the same but the professionals should be much more efficient and effective.