Allowing Pets in Rentals

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What are people's thoughts of allowing tenants to have pets in their rentals? Also, I live in a city where it's more common to see someone with a pit bull than not; what are your thoughts of "aggressive" breeds?

@Michael Ciesielski for me it depends on the area, time of year, etc. Is it normal for rentals in the area to allow pets? Or does it give you a competitive advantage? Also, you have to think about wear and tear on your property. Personally, unless it's a property that has already had pets in it before, I'd try to avoid a renter with pets, but that's just my opinion. As for aggressive breeds, be very careful to check your property insurance, a lot of insurance policies have clauses in them that don't allow coverage for properties that have aggressive breeds living on them.

@Michael Ciesielski

I second everything @Kevin S. just stated.  To me, the biggest thing about pets is making sure there's no clauses in your insurance policy for not allowing a certain type of animal or breed.

@Kevin S. , there is a split in my area of if pets are allowed. I believe it mostly varies based on the owner - there's a leaning towards yes.

@Michael Ciesielski if it varies by owner and it's not rarer to see rentals that allow pets then it really gives you no competitive advantage, so again I'd lean toward no pets, but that's just me.

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