Finding a Roommate in Norfolk, VA

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Hey All!

So I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia and own a 3-story townhome that is much too big for just myself. The first level has its own entrance, 2 rooms, full bath, own washer/dryer, and is fully furnished. The second level is the common area with the living room, 1/2 bath, and kitchen. In trying to rent out the first level, how would you all advertise? What sort of lease would you use for this sort of "roommate situation/agreement"? Any other tips for ensuring I'm protected from a legal standpoint? Thanks in advance guys!

There are 3 good options.  

- Roompster - It’s an app for connecting roommates.

- Facebook Marketplace - I just rented two rooms for one of my neighbors through here.

- - It is the military housing website, and there is a registration process, but they do give the ability to advertise just a room.  The two I rented through Facebook were military applicants, so you will attract military through sources other than this one.

Hey Sherrod, I'm also in the process of renting a room out in Norfolk. Found most luck on FB and Craigslist. Truliailia and Zillow have given me a few solid leads. Just recently listed on roomster and roomies, too soon to tell how it will play out. 

Hope you find some good folks!