Tenant gets away with not paying rent for 14 years! $34k+ debt!

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Man this really gets me infuriated. Someone left this comment on a video I posted on another website about an eviction we did in Cleveland last year. This person moved to Italy where the landlord tenant laws are apparently much different than here in the USA. Not only has this tenant stolen from their landlord for over 14 years & racked up a debt of 34,000 Euros they are actually proud of this behavior! 

What are your thoughts?

tenant steals 34,000 from landord over 14 years

There are all kinds of people. I really don't understand the type of person that would do this let alone boast about it.

Wow! That would not fly in the US. Leeches man

Originally posted by @Theresa Harris :

There are all kinds of people. I really don't understand the type of person that would do this let alone boast about it.

 The fact that people do not consider living in a house without paying rent the same is theft is the underlying cause of this. To the life of my I cannot understand why the general consensus is that it's any different. Shelter, like food & clothing is not free.

That's the entitlement mentality for ya... In a world where most people don't own 1 house, how dare we own 2 or more!? In the mind of many, that makes you a "Rich SOB" and so you deserve to have it taken away... If not by the government, than by whomever can do so - and amazingly they do not consider it theft. Many think to charge a hungry person for food is wrong; and so they think to charge a person "on disability" or otherwise encountering hard times for a place to live is also wrong. Charity certainly has its place and should be done by all who are able, but the next election is going to be crazy with each candidate fighting to adopt the most Socialist agenda - so those EURO policies of FREE EVERYTHING at "the other person's" expense may be coming here. Fun times for those trying to get ahead with leeches all around.

Originally posted by @James Wise :
Shelter, like food & clothing is not free.

14+ years is amazing. I have to admit I thought it was going to be in the Bay Area. I wonder if the government is picking up their rent. I can't imagine a landlord would go that long without rent. I think many would hire someone to "make sure they fully qualify for disability" long before that.

@James Wise you should reach out via direct message and tell them how impressed you are by their actions. Make it seem like you want to try it as well. See if they’ll share any personal info with you like ask “wow, is it a nice rental, where do you live”. Maybe a name or phone number to “talk more”. Then out there a**. I’d also be curious to know who the landlord is. Does someone really just let tenants live rent free for 14 year? Why not just get rid of it rather than paying taxes on a property with no income?

They are in public housing, government and welfare what would you expect. Government isn't interested in police the system. Abuse of welfare is rampant in every country in the world. 

If it were not public housing and they were not leaching off of the workers they would not have faired so well.  

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its probably something similar to section 8 here, landlord gets paid by government directly without tenant even knowing. i lived in Italy and there is plenty of those programs there

Originally posted by @Frank Geiger :

Wow! That would not fly in the US. Leeches man

Hope not. But you never know. Some states are putting in some pretty wild laws. There are a few who don't allow landlords to use previous evictions as a screening qualification. Some needs to explain the logic behind that one to me. Although I feel like i'd just be banging my head against the nearest wall while listening to it.

Originally posted by @Ernie V. :

its probably something similar to section 8 here, landlord gets paid by government directly without tenant even knowing. i lived in Italy and there is plenty of those programs there

 Doubtful. The tenants made it a point to say that they owe 34,000 Euros & that I should be happy that they aren't my tenant. If it was being paid in full like Section 8 that point wouldn't make much sense....I have asked a follow up on the video thread. I'll update yoo when the dead beat responds.

@James Wise

Good for them, they win the award for the most absent landlord of the century. He would be better off forming a charity so he could at least take a tax credit or something for not taking rents.

It is not something one will tell his grandchildren how some people get away by fleeing.

I blame the landlord. The tenant didnt steal money, the landlord willingly gave it to the tenant by doing nothing

Thank God he's able to afford the internet so he can post about how he's ripping people off. I would hate to see this poor soul go without basics.

Seriously, I'm all for free healthcare as long as they give up all their comforts. Nobody should be able to live on the public dole without sacrificing their own comforts first. That includes TV, Doritos, pop, cell phones, name-brand clothing, etc. Boiled chicken, rice, and water will sustain anyone for their entire life until they can afford to work for better things.

Just looked up Italy landlord-tenant law. As expected, Italy is strongly pro-tenant.

Minimum lease period is 4 years. Tenant has the right to renew the contract for another 4 years. The landlord has the right to raise rent between the contracts to an amount not to exceed 75% of the CPI - that's 25% less than inflation. If the landlord wishes to terminate the contract after the 8 years are up, they just need to give 6 months advance notice. 

Evictions for non-payment are swift. The trial duration flies by in about 450 days. If ruled against, the tenant must immediately leave the unit after an additional 180 days. Should the tenant become unemployed, he is given a few (365) additional days. Basically in a short 2.9 years the deadbeat is out. 

After reading that, I found the following which is absolutely shocking. Apparently the Italian rental market has been in decline for decades, since the 1920s when the government worked its magic and instituted special statutes, denied termination of contracts, and prevented rent increases. In 1978, the Italians went "all in" with the Fair Rent Law that set 4 years as the minimum duration and cemented rent control.

After the initial 4 year contract is up, landlords may remove tenants in order to sell their properties. This has led to a dramatic move away from rentals as they are no longer profitable. Existing landlords are now front loading inflation into contracts since they can't raise rents even at the level of inflation at renewal.

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@Greg M.

Amazing. Maybe they can stop dissing California now.

I lived in Italy for a year as a kid in the '70s. The landlord was thrilled to be able to rent to us, because rent could only be raised between tenants, and then only by a certain percentage, and we were only going to be there a year. The previous tenant had lived there since at least WW2, so the rent was a pittance. Win/win for us & landlord. 

It’s amazing that homes are still for rent over there. I’m sure over the course of time all these countries will end up like Venezuela!

@James Wise . All I gotta say is thank god they left our country. Italy can deal with it lol

@James Wise It is sad that they're proud of not paying for a place to stay or anything for that matter. It never ceases to amaze me how much some people have the entitlement mentality and enjoy screwing over others. 

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Looks like a troll to me. That’s not even logical.

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