Has any body here used PadSplit for their rental properties?

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I'm looking at a duplex opportunity that says "Corporate tenant, PadSplit has a low-risk 2-year master lease that protects your investment and alleviates landlord headaches.", this is the first time I hear about PadSplit and saw that they are here in BP.


I'm curious to know how that works and if this is a deal breaker for me?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Eddie Espinal

I've met the owner, and my friend has 2 padsplit properties. He said they are killing it compared to regular SFR rentals. You can hit the 2% rule if done right. I'm looking for a property now and plan to use them.

I am an investor/agent and own 5 and it's my primary investment strategy. I was one of their early adopters. I'm also a REALTOR who focuses on PadSplit primarily with many clients building portfolios of these high cash-flowing properties. They are mainly in the Metro ATL are but are expanding to Louisville and Houston.

I am very happy with the performance of my portfolio - all my properties are between a 10-13% cap rate.

H. Josh Stanton

REALTOR, Investor

KW Realty Metro ATL